[PHE, Irrigation & Flood Control Services]

Designated Officer-Executive Engineer Concerned
Time Frame-15 Days(Domestic) 30 Days (Actual Domestic)

Requirement of Documents For Services

Domestic / Actual Domestic Water Connection::
  • Format prescribed in the Jammu and Kashmir Water Resource (R&M) Rules, 2011 Form 01
  • Complete address of the applicant
  • Proof of ownership/occupancy of the premises
  • Other requirements:-
    • A fee of Rs. 200/- for domestic water connection and Rs. 500/- for commercial water connection in cash / DD / Bank draft
    • An affidavit duly attested by 1st class Magistrate to the effect that the applicant shall abide by the provision of the Act & all Rules and Regulations made there under and other terms/conditions subject to which the water connection is granted
    • An agreement as per format prescribed in the J&K Water Resources (R&M) rules 2011-Form II

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